About Us

Formed in 2010, Dairy Direct Limited (DDL) assists with the day to day management of farm operations by providing supervisory, consultancy and business administration services to farm owners. Our goal is to allow farm owners to take a step back from their business with the knowledge that their investment is in the hands of capable farm supervisors who are prepared to take ultimate responsibility.

What We Do

  • +Farm Supervision

    We provide a personalised supervisory service for each farming operation where emphasis is on the development of efficient, profitable and sustainable production systems. 

    Our service comprises: development and/or implementation of your farming strategy in accordance with best practice NZ farming systems; implementation and management of compliance including Health & Safety, Effluent and Animal Welfare protocols;  comprehensive monthly farm reporting and access to benchmarking across a range of farming systems; budget management and cashflow monitoring; as well as regular contact with your farm manager including people development and mentoring.

  • +People & Performance

    For each farm we supervise the emphasis is on the development of people and the efficient, profitable and sustainable production systems that they run. DDL regularly runs development days with farm staff and farm supervisors stay in regular contact with your farm managers to provide personal development and mentoring. We believe it is important to invest in our people to develop practical, on-farm technical skills, as well as commercial, financial and leadership skills. 

    All of our farm supervisors are excellent people managers who will work with you to recruit, retain and grow quality staff. In the unlikely event disciplinary matters arise we can advise you on following a fair and reasonable process to reach amicable outcomes for all parties. 

  • +Health & Safety

    Everyone has the right to go about their work without fear of accident and it is of the utmost importance to us that everybody returns home safely at the end of each day. Working alongside Health & Safety specialists, HazardCo, we'll put in place systems and practices to encourage behaviours that promote safe and healthy working environments.

    Our aim is to ensure that your staff, suppliers, contractors and visitors develop habits and positive attitudes toward Health & Safety to maintain the welfare and wellbeing of all involved in your farming operation.

  • +Environmental

    Sustainable dairying is becoming increasingly important and our farm supervisors will work with your staff to responsibly and efficiently manage environmental resources on farm. DDL will help navigate the legislation, ensuring important elements of your farming operation, such as effluent systems and waterways, are operated and managed under best practice principles - complying with regional and district council requirements, and dairy industry standards.

    We also keep a commercial focus when developing our systems around compliance as we believe that sound management of the farm's natural assets will deliver a more efficient and profitable farm system. 

  • +Animal Welfare

    The welfare and wellbeing of your animals is paramount to your farming operation. The Animal Welfare Act 1999 is the primary piece of legislation which safeguards the welfare of all production animals and we have developed best practice protocols for the DDL group based off this legislation, the Five Freedoms, and our years of experience.

    We recognise that cows are the core of our business and we are committed to ensuring that everybody in the DDL system treats animals with respect.

  • +Financial Management

    We recognise that dairy farrming operates within a dynamic economic environment which at times can be very challenging. If you require assistance with your financial management we can work with you to align your requirements to our farm system operations.

    DDL has access to a wide range of rural professionals who can provide you with an honest assessment of the current situation and offer specialist advice to drive a business that is profitable and resilient. 

  • +Collective Benefits

    As part of our service, we provide comprehensive monthly farm reporting to farm owners and provide access to anonymous benchmarking data across our farm systems.

    The scale of our business also enables us to negotiate group rates through our partners for a variety of products and services which we pass directly back to you.

Would you like to see more? Take a look at some of our supervised farms to see the results for yourself.

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